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XRD® Selection Tool

This tool will assist you in selecting the XRD® material which will work best for your needs. Select the type of impact that is most similar to your application. The tool will then provide you with material options for the most protection, thinnest, and lightest XRD® Materials options. Keep in mind that this guide is intended to provide you with different options as a starting point. Once you have your initial choice, please contact us to more specific guidance and specifications for your application.

Low Low Impact

Select Low
  • Cell Phone Impact (Drop)
  • Cycling Glove
  • General Work Glove
  • Micro's Soccer Kick
  • Tablet Impact

Medium Medium Impact

Select Medium
  • Little League Pitch
  • Met Guard - Foot Impact
  • Ski Glove
  • Soccer Shin Guard Strike
  • Softball Pitch

High High Impact

Select High
  • Baseball Pitch
  • Cricket Shot
  • Football Collision
  • Hockey Check
  • Hockey Slap Shot
  • Lacrosse Ball Shot
  • Rugby Collision
  • Soccer Kick

Sample Request Cart

Select an impact above to view materials. Select up to 3 items to request a sample of. Once the materials have been added, select the Checkout button.

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Do you have a question or feedback?

At any point you can submit a technical question or feedback about this design tool. In most cases you will receive a response within 24 hours. For more information about a product or application, contact a Rogers Sales Engineer in your area. To purchase material please contact us.