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Porous Sintered PTFE for Venting in Battery Applications

DeWAL® DW232DV product is a fully sintered, porous PTFE film that is thermally and chemically stable. Using the excellent environmental and chemical protection offered by PTFE, DW232DV incorporates pores to allow for controlled venting of air and vapor with excellent transfer and equalization of temperature and pressure. 


  • Dual Stage Venting Systems
  • EV/HEV batteries
  • Home energy storage

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  • Automotive
  • EV/HEV Batteries
  • Venting

Features and Benefits

Due to the lack of expansion and stretching versus ePTFE, DW232DV is the perfect choice for dual stage venting systems in EV/HEV applications as the vent allows for rapid pressure relief in the event of catastrophic failure. 

  • Provides traditional venting needs and enables pressure equalization of enclosed spaces during normal operation
  • Fractures for rapid pressure relief in the case of high pressure emergencies like a thermal runaway event 
  • Allows for airflow with x-y-z directions
  • Excellent thermal and chemical environmental resistance
  • Compliant with RoHS, WEEE, REACH
  • Naturally hydrophobic material resists water entry pressure and releases moisture vapor
Basic Physical PropertiesTypical ValueUnitsTest Method
ConstructionTypical ValueUnitsTest Method
SubstratePorous PTFEN/AN/A
Overall Thickness0.18 / 0.007mm / inASTM-D374
Max Width330.2 / 13mm / inN/A
Extended Physical PropertiesTypical ValueUnitsTest Method
Water Entry Pressure38 / 5.5kPa / psiASTM D751
Water & Dust Ingress ProtectionIP68N/AIEC 60529
Air Flow70 / 70L/Hr/cm^2 / L/Hr/cm^2@ 70 MBar, ASTM D737
Heat and FlameTypical ValueUnitsTest Method
Max Operating Temp.260 / 500°C / °FN/A
Processing & PackagingTypical ValueUnitsTest Method
Roll Length66 / 72m / ydN/A
Core TypePlasticN/AN/A
Core Diameter76.2 / 3mm / inN/A
Custom PropertiesValue
Minimum Air Flow @ 70 mBar (ASTM D737)45 L/hr/cm^2
Minimum Water Entry Pressure (ASTM D751)265 mBar

Note: Shelf life is defined as the duration of time for which the product will meet the physical characteristics outlined on this page. It does not guarantee the product's usefulness in all applications.

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